What to expect

You already understand that your LinkedIn Experts will be guiding your success step-by-step and helping to propel your LinkedIn credibility and branding to heightened levels of productivity. However, after having planned or participated in more than 25 similar events, I can say with certainty that the luxury, pampering and adventure of a cruise are unlike any other experience you will ever have. In an age dominated by computerized inactivity, a cruise is the best way to learn, play, network, and build relationships with friends, family and business associates, and we’re so delighted to bring this experience to you.

Upon your arrival, attendees meet on the back deck to experience the ship as it sets sail. At this time, we discuss dinner plans and where to meet for your first training session. No worries if you miss this moment, as the information will remain available.

During your first night at sea, dinner requires assigned seating. On subsequent evenings, you are free to move within an area and sit with any LinkedIn Expert you choose. Each of our eight speakers is assigned a dining table, where you may choose to sit (as seats are available), or meet your favorite expert at your leisure. In the interest of fairness, we request that you choose to dine with a different expert each evening to give all attendees the same opportunities. Everyone on this cruise is worth getting to know!

LinkedIn learning and networking sessions occur twice daily while at sea, from 9:00am to 11:30am and 2:00pm to 4:30pm, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, benefit from the scheduled learning sessions, network with experts and guests. Dinner is at 8:00pm, after which you may head to a show or meet at the back of the ship for Pizza and Partnering.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Major Topics Covered:
Sales Professional, Marketer,s, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs on this LinkedIn Experts at Sea Cruise will learn these 5 key lessons to grown your business:

  • Brand yourself to attract the modern buyer
  • Engage with today’s modern buyer
  • Connect with your modern buyer
  • Feed your buyer valuable content to help serve them
  • Measure your success by Leveraging LinkedIn